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  The subject of my art is the human figure. I create abstract figurative sculptures consisting of simple lines and shapes to create a simplified visual language and to express the emotional content of the subject. Beginning as simple line drawings, often quickly drawn on scraps of paper, these sketches in time become 3 dimensional objects in clay. As a piece evolves from the drawing, a dialogue develops and decisions are made about lines, shape and volume that will convey a dynamic visual effect and, ideally, an emotional response in the viewer.


  I work in the very traditional process of lost wax bronze casting. The original work is done either in water- or oil-based clay. A rubber reproduction mold is taken from the clay and one or more wax reproductions are created. Each wax reproduction is then immersed in its individual casting mold (the investment). The wax is burned out (lost) and molten bronze is poured in the hollow cavity. The piece cools and the investment mold is broken away to reveal rough bronze casting. Imperfections on the surface of the sculpture is then addressed either by grinding, sanding or chasing the surface to the desired effect. A patina (color) is then applied to the heated surface of the metal. Finally, a wax is applied to protect the piece. 






2015     Members Exhibition, Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA

2014     Celebration, Gallery 2905, San Jose, CA

2014     Transformations, Notre Dame de Namur                                        University, Belmont, CA                           

2014      Arte Della Piazza, San Jose, CA

2003      In-House Sculptors Show, The Crucible Gallery,                          Oakland, CA - First Place Award      





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